Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rush to judgement

Last week Jon Stewart showed a clip of Rush Limbaugh hoping that President Obama will fail in his policies.  Stewart asked if Bill O'Reilly - according to his 'he's our President like it or not' attitude during the Bush years - would think Limbaugh un-American for not getting behind our President.  (This is really worth watching - a fantastic 4-minutes)

And in today's 'Comment is free' op-ed section of The Guardian comes an interesting piece on Obama calling Limbaugh out on this demagoguery.  It would be nice to think that not only are the Reagan-Bush years possibly behind us, but that with it might swill down the drain the obnoxious hate lines of Rush Limbaugh.  I know living in Texas with a reduction in his popular influence would make life a bit easier to take there...

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