Friday, 23 January 2009

Rolling...rolling back the Bush years...Rolling...rolling

On it goes - rolling back the Bush years:

President Obama has revoked the no foreign aid to family planning clinics (i.e., where abortion is even mentioned as an option) to return us to a sensible footing in terms of advocating reproductive health and family planning in the Third World / throughout the world.


Also today, The Guardian's Charlotte Higgins brings us news of the quartet's pre-recorded performance for the inauguration (tiny echoes of the Chinese Olympics' opening ceremony 'fireworks' - I said TINY echoes).  There's nothing sinister to it, just meteorological - but an interesting titbit, nonetheless...

Plus, though Higgins finds the composition schmaltzy, it is great to see that she has even greater opprobrium for the 'poetry' from the inauguration.  It was like one of those cringy occasions where you're at a friend's wedding and they've let another of their friends air their 'poetic' skills to mark the blessed day... Usually a load of embarrassing crap issues forth and everyone has to act like it worked and was apposite and moving - ugh....

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