Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Thatcher’s Children (Lyrics) – by Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire

"Thatcher’s Children

Have inherited the Earth

Ronald Reagan was there

He gave the curse


Thatcher’s Children

What Can You Do?

When Every Little Smile

Has To Shine BRAND NEW


Thatcher’s Children

They came from afar

Now even rock ‘n’ roll’s

Just floggin’ a car


Thatcher’s Children

Only tied to the purse

It ain’t gettin’ better

It’s just gettin’ worse


And nobody’s ringin’

The ice is getting thin

And terrorists might get ya’

The tunnel’s cavin’ in


The countdown’s beginnin’

The winner can’t win

Save your own skin –

Everyone’s a LOSER


Thatcher’s Children

You said it’s punk rock

Now we’re on our knees

And we’re all sucking cock


Thatcher’s Children

Who’d believe it’s true

But what she did to them

Well, they’ll do it to you


Thatcher’s Children

The headlines will grab ya

Don’t go outta your homes

Or your children might stab ya


Thatcher’s Children

You said it would be fun

Now we’re staring down the barrel

Of our own gun


And nobody’s ringing

The air is getting thin

The terrorists might get ya

The tower’s caving in


The Countdown’s beginning

The winner can’t win

Save your own skin

Everyone’s a LOSER


Thatcher’s Children

What can you lose?

You could all be famous

On You Tube


Thatcher’s Children

[I’m afraid I can’t make out what Mr Childish sings in these two lines!]

They just couldn’t resist


Thatcher’s Children

Aren’t you glad you came?

Preaching a gospel of

Greed and Gain


Thatcher’s Children

Won’t you give me a smile?

For the CCTV cameras

Recording you for mile, after mile, after mile, after mile"

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FriendlyFire said...

Thanks for the lyrics! I have the CTMF version of this, and have been trying to decipher this for some time.