Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Go Chrome!

Just a quick post to say - Google's new browser 'Chrome' is now available to download in its beta release.

I've got it up with six tabs open: my twitter page; my Facebook page; this blogger page; my AOL email page; my webmail Outlook page; and the Guardian all open.  This is the fastest browser I have EVER used.  Yes I'm gushing, but it's valid: this is sleek, stylish, FAST, easy and makes for non-stop browsing and surfing like it ought to be.

This is the net we've always been promised: the future is finally starting to turn up on time.

Don't worry about the hype, the viral 'leak' cheerleading which is, frankly, yes, most likely to have been purposefully orchestrated - but it's all worth it.  Google Chrome is far more elegant than my previous sentence AND it delivers the goods.


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